Drilling Updates

February 20, 2012

Vancouver, Canada – 20th February, 2012 – Kincora Copper Limited (TSX.V: KCC) (“Kincora”) announces the highlights from its Q4 2011 drilling campaign:

The Q4 2011 results in this release provide further evidence that the Bronze Fox project contains a very large area of copper and/or gold mineralization (including sub zones of extensive and...

November 15, 2011

Vancouver, Canada – November 15, 2011 – Kincora Copper Limited (TSX.V: KCC) (“Kincora”) is pleased to announce an Exploration Update for the Bronze Fox Project (Buyant License), which occupies 223km2 of land 140km northeast of the world class Oyu Tolgoi project, on the same metallogenic belt.

Exploration update

  • Kincora completed a...
October 18, 2011

Key highlights

  • All the holes drilled in West Kasulu and Leca Pass, and some of the holes in Buchanan Heights and Sophie North this year intersected extensive copper and/or gold mineralization
  • In the last six months 10,035m of diamond (core) drilling has been completed with drill holes containing mineralization up to 5km apart. Mineralization covers...
August 29, 2011

Key highlights

  • Kincora acquires outstanding 25% of Kincora Group Limited in exchange for 20% of Kincora Copper shares.
  • Diamond drilling in 2011 has extended copper mineralization 4km east of West Kasulu zone.
  • Three rigs are currently on site and operating. Plan for 12,000m to be drilled by year end.
  • Hole F39 has intersected...