Cameron McRae was appointed Chairman of the Board in August 2018.

Cameron is a seasoned director, CEO and mining executive, having led the full development cycle in four countries and across three continents.

Cameron served a 28-year career with Rio Tinto, and in Mongolia was President of Oyu Tolgoi LLC and Rio Tinto’s country director (2010-13). In that role he led the construction and start-up of the then US$6 billion Oyu Tolgoi copper gold mine, located in the Southern Gobi, ahead of schedule, which at peak of construction had over 15,000 people employed on site. Mr. McRae was responsible for all aspects of the project including safety, strategy, construction, operations, growth initiatives and chair of the technical committee.

Cameron has led successful greenfield and brownfield construction projects, overarching business transformations and business improvement projects. At the corporate level, he has deep commercial/M&A experience and sat on a number of exploration and technical committees, including Oyu Tolgoi. Prior to Oyu Tolgoi, Cameron was CEO of Richards Bay Minerals in South Africa, Managing Director of Murowa Diamonds in Zimbabwe and Project Director for the Hail Creek Coking Coal Expansion project in Australia. Prior to 2004, Cameron held commercial and project leadership roles, both at Corporate and Business Unit level. In 1995, he was a key team member responsible for the A$29 billion merger of CRA and RTZ into the dual listed Rio Tinto (which was the world’s largest merger at the time).

Cameron was granted an Executive MBA from Monash University.

The Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Company. 

We are committed to high standards and are accountable to our shareholders.


This responsibility is applied in a manner that meets the standards of the jurisdictions and communities we operate in.


The Board leverages off the directors’ exploration, finance and operational experience gained internationally and in Australia.


The Company’s Technical Committee includes Sam Spring (CEO), John Holliday (chair of the Technical Committee) and Peter Leaman (Senior Vice President).


The Company’s Audit Committee includes Jeremy Robinson Nadarajah (chair of the Audit Committee), Luke Murray (Non-Executive Director) and Sam Spring (CEO).


The Company’s Remuneration Committee includes Cameron McRae (chair) and Jeremy Robinson (Non-executive director).


The Company has assessed the independence of its Directors having regard to the requirements for independence (as set out in Principle 2 of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations for Australian listed entities (ASX Corporate Governance Principles) and has determined that Mr John Holliday, Mr Cameron McRae, Mr. Luke Murray and Mr. Jeremy Robinson are independent directors. The Company has determined that Mr Spring is not an independent Director due to his role as CEO of the Company.