World-class geologic setting for gold and copper-gold deposits

Flagship mine of Australia’s third largest gold miner1

The gold corridor at Cowal host 13.7Moz gold endowment + Marsden porphyry deposit a further >0.5Mt copper & >1Moz gold endowment2

Cowal district mineralized systems

Kincora operates the Fairholme and Jemalong projects

Fairholme is an advanced exploration stage project (>60,000m of prior explorer drilling)

In July 2021, Kincora commenced its maiden drilling of Fairholme

Cowal district key milestones

Cowal district drilling

Kincora Targets

  • Gateway
  • Anomaly 2
  • Driftway C
  • Glencoe
  • Manna Creek
  • Kennel
    • Diamond drilling
    • Air-core drilling

Evolution Targets

  • Gold corridor
  • E39 porphyry
  • South Cowal copper & gold

Big, multiple mineralized system footprints

Kincora is looking for another Cowal deposit, following deposit style targets and exploration approaches of Evolution

Multiple systems

Multiple levels in the porphyry system

Large mineralized footprints

Relatively limited drilling at Fairholme

Even more limited effective drilling following similar techniques/targets to Evolution

Cowal district geological model and deposit styles

Geological model example for gold corridor systems

Historical intervals at Gateway not followed up or systematically tested until now with hallmarks to Cowal gold corridor

  • Analogous setting, scale, zonation and mineralized intervals
  • Some with ore grade not followed up
  • Priority diamond drilling commenced at advanced exploration Gateway prospect
  • Air-core to follow up other targets with anomalous drill results

Players, projects and activity